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In this short article we will try to discuss the frequently asked questions about working in a night club.

Q: Which are the working hours?
A: Each club has their own opening and closing hours. Usually they open around 22-23 and stay open until 3-5. The girls work five to six days a week and the rest of the day they can relax.

Q: How is security in the clubs?
A: All the clubs have bouncers who take care of the order inside the clubs and the security of the dancers. Touching of the workers is not allowed during dances, not even in private sessions. Prostitution and usage of drugs will lead to the immediate termination of the dancer’s working contract.

Q: What salary can a dancer get?
A: Each club has it’s own salary policy. Some have daily payments, some pay at the end of the week. The tips are mainly kept by the dancers and they get a couple of free drinks and fees after the clients’ drinks.

Q: What does a dancer need to know?
A: Former experience is a plus but it is not mandatory. Most girls don’t have pole dancing knowledge when they start. The key is to be confident and know your strenghts, this way you will certainly have success. Some clubs even have dance lessons so you can catch up faster. And even by watching the other girls you can learn some insane dance moves.

Q: Do I need to have the perfect body?
A: Perfection is not what sells. Confidence is a must and you must be toned. Some clubs don’t hire girls with cellulite or strech marks. But the clubs have black light which tend to hide imperfections of the exposed body parts.

Q: Will the clubs provide accommodation?
A: The clubs usually provide accommodation in apartments in the city they are in. You might get to share a room with other girls. In one apartment there are usually maximum 3 girls. You will have to pay small fees in order to get a room.

Q: Will I have fun dancing in clubs?
A: Definitely. You will make your living from dancing and that alone. You don’t have to do anything you do not want to. In fact we are looking for fun loving, sociable and flirtatious girls. This really is something you can make a career of.

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