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One of the major ambitions for a young dance music fan is to go to the Europe and work in one of the very top clubs that are famous all around the world.
Some of the most populat club locations   NorwayDenmarkBelgiumIceland
Of course there are many other clubs in Europe as well as many famous parties and themed nights at the various clubs.

Obviously these are the elite jobs that everybody would like to get and competition is enormous but in our guide we will at least point you in the right direction and give you every opportunity of finding work.

Dancing in Clubs – Every club will require some good-looking women to dance on podiums in order to create an additional atmosphere to the music.
You will need to not only be a great dancer but also have stunning looks and figure. You could be dancing for 4 to 5 hours straight each evening so being a dancer is an extremely physically demanding job.

Advantages of Working in a Club

Unlike working in other bars and restaurants which are open all day, requiring you to work long hours, by working in a club you get to have the day off and relax.
Virtually everybody who wants to work in a nightclub wants to be there so that they can enjoy some time in the club’s but by getting a job inside, you will not only be enjoying the amazing atmosphere and music – but getting paid at the same time!

As a worker in a club you will get free passes as well as free drinks.

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