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Port Elizabeth

South-Africa Every country in the world displays some diversity, but South Africa, stretching from the hippos in the Limpopo River to the penguins waddling on the Cape, takes some beating. It befits its position at the southern end of the world’s most epic continent, with more types of terrain than photographers can shake their zoom […]

Cape Town

Location: South-Africa/Cape Town LOCATION: Cape Town- South Africa  CLUB PROGRAM: Work is 5 nights per week- two day off per week – closed on a Sunday. Club opens at 7pm. The club closes at 4am.   Smoking is permitted only in smoking areas.  ACCOMMODATION: The exclusive female only self-catering rooms are in located next to the club with […]


South Africa Island, country, continent… Australia is a big’un whichever way you spin it. The essence of the place is diversity: deserts, coral reefs, tall forests, snow-cloaked mountains and multicultural melting-pot cities. Hip Cities Most Australians live along the coast, and most of these folks live in cities. In fact, Australia is the 18th-most urbanised country […]