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Apply form
To apply please complete the form below
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Location: Macau/Macau


Macau- South-East Asia
The first western type Gentlemen’s Club in Macau, so there is a lot of potential for the girls to make a lot of money.


The club is open 7 Days per week.
 Working hours:  from 9PM to 5AM 


Provided by the club, standard equipped, minimum 2 dancers per room, 5 minutes by car to the club.
The clubs do not provide transportation daily from/to the club to the apartments.
Dancers pay 3500 MOP (300 euro) monthly including utilities, Internet.


Dancers must pay their travel expenses.
Dancers need to work for 78 working days then club will pay the flight ticket for return.


• Minimum age 18 years,
• Pleasant appearance,
• A minimum of English,
• Communicative, serious minded and ambitious.


There is no fixed salary or club fee.

The dancers are entitled to a Minimum Guarantee Payment (MGP) based on a MOP 600 per day effectively worked, provided she works at lest 11 days per paying period of 15 days as per above. The MGP shall be calculated every 15 days payment periods. If during such certain period the amount of commissions will not reach the amount of MGP, the company shall pay to the dancer at least such guarantee amount of MGP. If the dancer produces commissions in excess of the MGP, no additional payment as per MGP will be effected to the said dancer. The penalties will not be considered in this calculation and are always deductible. Commissions from drinks and dances are paid every two weeks.

Dancer´s commissions are subject to change.


Commissions for the drinks:
Dancer gets 20% from ´´Ladies Drink´´Ladies Drinks start from 250 MOP, and 300 MOP
Dancers get 20% commissions for Wine and Spirits Bottles, Food and birthday cakes .
Champagne Bottles:
Dancers get 25% commissions for Champagne.
Dom Perignon Brut costs 3,888 MOP Dancers get 25%, 972 MOP 

Commissions for the dances:

Dancer gets the sum of 50% on the net charged amount (meaning gross amount minus discounts and promotions, so effectively amount paid by the customer) for any private dance show PD including packages or other promotions, a private dance ticket PDT 190 MOP (€19-US $24)
Dancers gets 100 MOP per table dance. (€10-$13)
Dancer gets 100 MOP for each call request (€10-$13)
Dancer gets 80 MOP (€8-$10) for a stage tip fee.
A commission for Events ticket is 200 MOP (€20-$25)


The club has 2 levels.
The first level is for public in general and second level for VIP guests.
First Level: The dancers must dance around 4 to 5 sets each night.
        First stage show using a dress and second stage show wearing only underwear or bikini.
        Total 8 minutes per set.
Second Level: VIP guests only
2 songs, one song wearing dress, and second song topless.
The dancers can choose their own music, no choreography required.
Training will be provided for those who have never danced, or who have a little experience.


Dancers must be dressed with a sexy outfit to promote a professional atmosphere.
Long and short dresses and show time costumes.


Most of the nationalities don’t require visa to enter Macau.
For more information about Visas please check the Macao Government Website:
The club provides working permit to the dancers.
Minimum contract of 3 months, we can extend another 3 months if both parties agree.


Valid passport, minimum valid of 6 months
Copy of birth certificate
Parents name

Steps of Visa Working Permit (Blue Card):
After Chines New Year;  Divino ( and all other companies in Macao) received from Emigration Office information about some changes made on Macao Work Visa Process.
From now on dancer with out  "red chop(final proof of legal work in Macao)" in their passport,  can't work in Divino Club.
Follow by this changes:  Divino request all potential dancer fly to Macao,  ONLY  from : Monday to Tuesday.

As soon as Dancer arrive to Macao; Diana will take dancer to Man Power Office ( Emigration Office) where dancer will need to fill out Work Visa Application form. This office is open from: Monday to Friday; from:10:00 am to 6:30 pm only.
From this moment dancer need to wait: 2-3  working days, to be schedule to do her blood test ( first step on the way to get Macao Work visa). 
Blood Test is possible to do only:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday;  and only: 11:00 am .
During next maximum 5 days dancer is going to received "red chop (final proof of legal work in Makao)" ;which mean , that on this same day she can start working in Divino Club.
Of course all those days when dancer is waiting for approval of her Macao Work Visa ; according to Dancer Divino Contract ; dancer is going to receive 600 Minimum Guarantee Payment .
During all this process(maximum 7 days) each time dancer will be inform about location and time where she should to go.In case if dancer is not going to follow by this instruction, she is not going to receive 600 Minimum Guarantee Payment

Cancelation of Contract;
If the dancer wants to finish the contract, she needs to shoulder the payment for Visa Cancelation, around 500 Euros, more details in the contract.
Dancers must give us at least 15 days notice in case they want to finish the contract.