Caribbean, St Maarten
St-Maarten is a fantastic island, a tropical paradise. The inhabitants are French and Dutch, but all the tourists come from
mostly the United States.

The club is open from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. 7 days a week. The club can hold about 200 to 300 customers at a time and about
30 to 35 dancers are working on average every night.

The club needs dancers of high standard, being very competitive. The club has some standards: girls should be min.
165sm height, very attractive and in good physical shape. Only girls from 25 years old are accepted now under current
legislation. Basic English is a must.

Accommodation is free and provided by the club. Two girls share one bedroom. Transportation to and from the club is free
of charge.

The club does not prepay the air tickets; each dancer should purchase her ticket on her own.
Girls get free medical insurances.

• Minimum age 21 years,
• Pleasant appearance,
• A minimum of English
• Communicative, serious minded and ambitious.

Dancers perform topless pole dance on stage. Clients usually tip well dancers on stage, and the girls keep all the money.
This is a very upscale club and provides dancers with a great potential to earn good money. Average daily earnings are $300 – $500. Girls earn around $8,000 – $10,000 monthly net.

Commissions for the drinks:
Dancers also earn commissions on the lady drinks purchased by the clients. Girls make 10 % commission on champagne
bottles and 20% on drinks

Commissions for the dances:
Private room client pay $30 for 1 song – (dancers give $8 to club and kip $22)
Dress code:

There is no special dress code. The club requires the girls to wear sexy dresses and lingerie.
Length of contract, work permit and visa
The minimum length of the contract is 3 month, and the maximum is 6 months per year. Dancers can apply for new
contracts 12 months after their previous contract in St-Maarten finished.  Dancers from EU don’t need visas to enter the
island, but they still need a work permit to dance at the club.

If dancer want only stay 1 or 2 month can stay work like tourist.

Work permit papers:

The club applies for work permit on behalf of the dancer at the local Home Affairs. The work permit processing takes
around 3-4 weeks and all the costs are paid by the club. Once the work permit is ready, it would be mailed to the nearest
Dutch Consulate where the dancer will obtain her working visa. Dancers from EU don’t need visas to enter the island, but
they still need a work permit to dance at the club.

To apply for a work permit, a dancer needs to provide:
– Criminal record certificate (in English or translated into English)
– Medical certificate (in English or translated into English)
– 4 color passport pictures
– a copy of a passport page
– The club send 7 pages that dancer need sign.
– All this documents need send by DHL / Fedex.

To apply please complete the for below