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Location: Norway/Oslo


Norway – Oslo


Work week is 6 workdays, 1 day off.
 7 days open, work hours 21:00-03:30.
No dating with customers outside the club!
no phone contact with customers ant meeting outside
Dancing on stage – every 10 minutes one Dancer on stage – 2 songs, 1st song dressed, second song topless and last 15-20 seconds full nude.
The girl has to bring her own music CDs for making shows


Accommodation and lift to/from work – free, 2-3 girls in a bedroom.


The dancers have to buy their own tickets. (Plane/bus/etc.)

The Dancerl when arrive need take bus from airport to Oslo center and there they pick up.

 We can pick the dancers from Bussterminal(Oslo) and Central Station(Oslo)


Minimum age 18 years,
• pleasant appearance,
• a minimum of English,
• communicative, serious minded and ambitious.


 No fixed salary.
Salary payment in Bank in end of contract (Dancer Should have Own bank account from Residence country), Dancers can get small advance for food and running costs, advance collected from salary.

Girls can collect tips on stage and private dancing rooms collecting

Dance Comissions:

o Full nude 10 min private dance – price for customer 1000 NOK, Dancer gets 40% what is 400 NOK.
o Full nude table dance 1song – price for customer 500 NOK, Dancer gets 50% what is 250 NOK.

Drinks Comissions:

o Wine (prices for customers 600 NOK and up2000) and champagne (prices for customers 2600 NOK and up), Dancer gets 25%.
· Club guarantees that Dancer who is able and willing to work will earn from drinks and dances minimum 600 NOK (approx 60 EUR) as average per workday, if due to business being low (not enough spending customers) Dancer earns less than 600 NOK as average per workday then Club pays the difference. Average is calculated with number of workdays Dancer has during her one-time contract. 2 sample calculations: Sample 1) If Dancer has contract of 6 workdays then her total earning during the contract should be not less than 6 x 600 = 3600 NOK. If on 3 days she earned 1000NOK per day and on 3days 0 NOK per day then she has earned 3000 NOK  club pay the  balance of 600nok.
End of work days from total girls have to pay 15% government tax.
This is our working and club condition


We calculate guarantee money how many days dancers working for one’s meaning for example if dancers staying 20 days for one contract (20*600=12000 nok).so end of the contract we calculate total how much they earn it on that period.if they earn 10000 nok ,it’s meaning they don’t earn more than guarantee that how much they earn less than guarantee(12000-10000=2000 Nok) club will it’s not meaning club paying guarantee money everyday.


long dress, sexy, elegant, high heels, make up and hair in proper condition


Passport/ ID. From EU

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