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Location: Greece/Mykonos

Greece, Mykonos

Open from 22.00h until 06.00h.
Open every day, girls have one day off.
Stage show only topless 5/6 times night.

The apartment is 70€ per week.

2 dancers per room, wi-fi. kitchen tto share.
small pet is possible if the roommate accepts,
market, swimming-pool, Gym, bakery 200 meters, beach 15 min away by walk from club.

The dancers have to buy their own tickets. (Plane/bus/etc.)
The transport from/to the airport/station is provided by the club.

• Minimum age 18 years,
• pleasant appearance,
• a minimum of English,
• communicative, serious minded and ambitious.

The dancer has salary 60€/day ..
insurance incluid 
The Salary and commissions are payed in morning..
Commissions for the Drinks:
Dancer get 30%
Simple drink is 20€ girl wins 6€
The Cocktail is 50€ girl wins 15€
Bottles min.     220€ girl take 54€
Bottles Moet    280€ girl take 60€
Dom Perignon 580€ girl take 90€

Commissions for the dances:
Dancer get 30%

Table Dance (only one song outside coustemer) 20€ – girl wins 6€
Private Dance (3 songs)  50€  girl wins 15€
Private Dance 100€ gir win 30€

Dress code:
Dancers must be dressed with a sexy outfit to promote a professional atmosphere.

Minimum contract 1 month
Only EU citizen it cost 50€ but if dancer already have greek documents no need pay.
Passport/ ID.

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