Agency Artists – Dancers Clubs – Exotic Dancers – Dancers Nightclubs

Location: Germany/Munich


Munich, Munich Center

Monday until Sunday: 20:00 – 05:00 o´clock
During working hours max. 2 artists  are allowed to be in the dressing room – all the other artists have to stay in the club area

2 Songs / last 5 seconds “full strip”
We expect best behavior and the friendly interaction with guests as well as to the whole team! Punctuality (also applies to the stage timing)! No chewing gum in the dance area (on stage). Mobile phones are not allowed in the club area.
Please do not lotion just before you dance – risk of slipping on the stage!

We have two apartments right to the club where the girls can stay.
Rent a day: Euro 10,-

Free use: Internet (only in one apartment right now)/ washing machine /
The responsible use of foreign ownership and cleanness is expected!

The dancers have to buy their own tickets. (Plane/bus/etc.)
The dancers not picked up from the airport.


• Minimum age 18 years,
• pleasant appearance,
• a minimum of English,
• communicative, serious minded and ambitious.

daily fix fee:  Euro 60,00
1 Boobs-$:    Euro   0,50 
The girls get their commission of drinks, dollars, and private show – daily. The fix salary they get the last night they work.
The girls have their own business. Either they have a working registration / business in their country or they have to get their registration in Germany. Of course we help the girls. The registrations costs 70,00 Euro.

Commissions for the drinks:
Champagne & drinks: 30%
VIP / Champagne Area:   
Smoking free / no touching / no sex! / No private meeting with clients allowed!!
Commissions for the dances:
Private dance:  Euro 30,00 
Illness / Leisure:

For organizational reasons, we expect an “in time info” when scheduled appointments can not be kept.
The planning runs directly and only through Domenico Albenzio!

About 1 – 2x per week promotion tour through Munich’s nightlife in company of Club´
PR- Assistant. Classy styling is expected!
No excessive consumption of alcohol during the entire promotion tour!
We expect perfect hair and makeup as well as the appropriate body care!
Stylish / classy clothes!
Mondays: sexy / elegant wardrobe (evening or cocktail dress)
Wednesday: sexy lingerie

Passport/ ID. ( All the citizens from EU)

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