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Location: Finland/Helsinki


Helsinki, Finland

Club is located in city center of Helsinki and is most popular Striptease Club in Finland and has been ranked top ten club in Europe 2 floors of action.


7 days open, work hours 21:00-05:00.
STAGE SHOW: 3 – 8 times per night, topless only.
Dancers are expected to work 7 days per week. (Possible to take off for free day if contract is over week.
Mostly of all dancers in the club are from Europe and Baltic states. Dancers must know English language.  Every night working 6-9 dancer in club. Stage dance is 2 songs (min.7minute)
Club provides fully furnished renovated 3 separately big apartment 50m2, usually 1 apartment stay 2 dancers. Free WIFI internet, for € 60 per week, Dancers must bring only own bed sheets and blanket cover sheet

The dancers have to buy their own tickets. (Plane/bus/etc.)

• Minimum age 18 years,
• pleasant appearance,,
• a minimum English..
   • Communicative, serious minded and ambitious.


Club offering for Dancer 2 option of work system.
 With fixed salary which is (50€ per day) consummation earning is than 15%
No fix salary than consummation earning is 30%, 
But Dancer have all ways have right After completing one week work , than dancer can choose system for the past week to choose which system yields better money outcome for the past week.
Dancer aloud to keep 100% of their cash tips, which is usual about € 20-50 per night.
Average earnings in week is 750-2000€ 
Payment in end contract but if dancer need we advance money.


Commissions for the drinks:
Dancers receive 30% with no fix salary.
Dancers receive 15% if choose 50€ per day fix salary
Dances is (only topless)
Dom Perignon: €790 + Lap dance (topless)
Champagne prices goes till 12000 €
Small champagnes 45€
Medium bttle cava 175€ Inc. VIP area and dance 
Veuve Cliq. 375€ 
Lurent perier 520€  inc. 1 hour VIP area and Dance 
Dom perignon 985€ inc. VIP area 1 hour and Dance 
Dress code:

Sexy Night dress ore lingerie but dancers must look sexy

The contract length is for a minimum 2 – 3 weeks. With the possibility of extension.
We strongly recommend buy a Travel Insurance before travelling which is cost  around 1 € per day 
Passport/ ID.
Mast be EU valid passport/ID

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