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Location: Germany/Hannover


The club is located in the city center


Club opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday 20.00h – 04.00h
Friday 20.00h -05.00h
Saturday 20.00h – 06.00h
Sunday and Monday – close

The club have new renovated apartment for the girls that is 2 minutes away from the club by foot. The girls have to pay 10€ per night for the apartment.

The dancers have to buy their own tickets. (Plane/bus/etc.)

• Minimum age 18 years,
• Pleasant appearance,
• A minimum of English,
• Communicative, serious minded and ambitious.
• The consuming of drugs is strictly prohibited in the club.
Fix salary per day: 50 Euro.
Paymento Salary and all comissions is every day. 

The prices for Private Dance, Table dance and Drinks:

30€ for the Cocktail you get 10€
30€ for 1 Song private you get 10€
50€ for 2 Songs private Dance you get 20€
50€ for a stage Show 2 Songs you get 20€
50€ for an Tabledance 2 Songs you get 20€
180€ for a bottle of prosecco you get 50€
350€ for a bottle of Champagne you get 75€
390€ for a bottle of Moet Champagne you get 80€
490€ for a bottle of Moet Rose you get 100€
500€ Vip Lounge with bottle prosecco you get 150€
For the VIP Lounge area:
The Girls get 80€ for just sitting with the costumer there.
Than it’s up to the Girls what they can earn.
The costumer can Order extra Lap dances, bottles or Cocktails.
The Girls can also start with an bottle Champagne, if the customer orders the VIP Lounge with the cheapest bottle Champagne than the Girls Start with 155€-, there is no Limit.
Example for the Start:
1 h VIP just sitting 80€ for the Girl
1 h VIP + Prosecco 130€ for the Girl (Smallest)
1 h VIP + Magnum Bottle champagne 380€ for the Girl (expensive)

Dress code:
Dancers must be dressed with a sexy outfit to promote a professional atmosphere.
Passport/ ID

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