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Locality: Estonia/Tallinn


In the space of only one generation and with a newfound sense of confidence, diminutive Estonia has crept out from under the Soviet blanket and leapt into the arms of Europe. The love affair is mutual: Europe has fallen head-over-heels for the charms of Tallinn and its Unesco-protected Old Town.

While the chocolate-box charms of the capital are far from a state secret, the 1500 islands dotted off Estonia’s coast may come as a surprise. Also unexpected are bears and bog-walking in the country’s national parks, long stretches of golden beaches, crumbling castles, joyous song festivals, and a burgeoning food culture taking its cues from the New Nordic kitchens of its Baltic brethren. By all means make a beeline for Tallinn, but don’t overlook the surprising gems (an irresistible blend of Eastern European and Nordic) that deserve to lure you outside the city limits.

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