Location: Denmark/Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark. The Club is in the city center, financial district, customers are business people and tourists. The Club staff will ensure the security and good living. 


Open 5 days per week.

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
From 21.00h to 4.00h
Friday / Saturday
From 21.00h to 6.00h
Dancer need minimum work 5 days per week

Dancer is to perform up to 5 shows (one song) per night. The Club decides how many the dancer performs (1-5). Music for stage show will be delivered by The Club. Stage shows are full striptease just in the end of the show. The dancer can propose her own music, but she should have more than one song (ideal 5 different songs for each stage shows). 
Dancer is supposed to present variation of dance performance e.g. pole dance, lap dance, chair dance, table dance or other sensual dance style. It should present high level of performance. Dancer may be able to use different equipment and costumes when dancing


The Club offers to dancer accommodation in apartment, located just 1 minute from The Club. In the apartment, there is a kitchen, bathroom and common living room, apartment has free wireless internet. 
Apartment is shared by 4 dancers and has a large shared bedroom. Dancers need to bring towels and bed linen. 
Accommodation in apartment is free for dancers working in the club. 
The other girls at the apartment will take good care of you and take you to Club  in the evening. When you get inside of The Club, The Club Hostess will show you to the dressing room.
After you have got changed, The Club Hostess will have a chat with you and explain The Club rules and show you around The Club. Then you will be ready to start making lots of money in the best club in Copenhagen. 

House rules in The Club: 

Pet not allowed 
Smoking not allowed including E-cigarettes
No use of smart or mobile phone except if related to work or no costumer
It is not allowed to bring own stuff (alcohol, champagne or similar) to The Club 
If asked to take a drug or alcohol test 
No electronic or recording device is allowed during working hours when there are guests at The club 
Dancer is not allowed to exchange the numbers with the guests during working hours 
The Club has a no tolerance policy to prostitution and illicit drugs, and The Club management and agency will not be held responsible for any bad or illegal behavior by the dancer, whether it is during or outside the club hours. 
The Club will stop by using all legal means any dancer’ act or attempt of prostitution, and if other means impossible or ineffective then terminates such dancer’s work contract. 


The transport to Copenhagen is paid by the dancer. 
At the airport, the artist should take a taxi or train and go to the apartment or Hotel. 
The taxi fee will be around 40 Euro or 5 Euro by train.


Minimum 21 years’ old 
Apprehensive and ambitious 
It is a plus if the dancer has experience in this field and has some polyglot skills 
Positive attitude and big smile- small ego.
Dancer should be able to use communicative English, in terms of explaining about champagne and having small talk with the guests


Dancer get 200 DKK per day on work.  
Paid ones per month


Tips are shared with the Club 50/50 %.

DKK/EUR rate: 

All amounts shown above in EUR may change depending on DKK/EUR exchange rate. 


The Club will make the tax papers for the dancer.
Dancer must pay Danish tax and Danish taxes are deducted from all earned amounts before payout: 
As a rule of thumb, the Dancer must pay 8-20 % in income tax.


The Dancer is expected to earn 1000-4000 EUR per week. The earnings are varying depending on each dancer- skills, drive and luck.  

Commissions for the drinks:

Piccolo 950.-Dkk (128. – EUR) dancer get 10 % commission.

Commission of Champagne: 

15% on consumption of Champagne bottles, from 2200.- DKK (293.- EUR) to 75000.- DKK (10000.- EUR)). 
Commissions for the dances:

The dancer gets 500.- DKK (66.- EUR) from private dance show one song.

Commission of private Show combined with Champagne sale: 

The dancer gets 500.- DKK (66.- EUR) from private dance show plus 15% on consumption of Champagne bottles, from 2200.- DKK (293.- EUR) to 75000.- DKK (10000.- EUR)). 
Private dance show is usually full striptease (fully nude), unless client wishes only topless show. The duration of private dance show depends on time it takes to drink the champagne or the agreement between dancer and the customer.

Dress code:
Dancer must wear long dress (how decent-elegant or sexy-erotic is a matter of the personality and depends on the individual dancer), high-heel platform shoes (no boots), evening makeup. Dancer must have manicured and well cared hands, well styled and always clean hair.  

Minimum duration of contract: 

Minimum contract length is 1 month.

Important things that dancer should bring with her: 

Passport / I.D. Card, European Health Insurance Card, name and address of the Bank, SWIFT-code/BIC-code, IBAN number (International Bank Account Number) are essential when you work at The Club.

To apply please complete the for below