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Location: Denmark/Copenhagen

Debmark – Coopenhagen
Working days & hours:
Wednesday 20:00-04:00, Thursday 20:00-05:00, Friday & Saturday 20:00 –06:00
(the girls must be present and ready to work in the club by 20:00 o’clock).
Work type:Stage/Pole dance, private dance, and Champagne consumption,
(the artist(s) must be experienced and professional dancer(s)).
ALL girls should promote the club and them self on the clubs snapchat.
That’s is included in the daily salary.
2 picture minimum in a worknight and 1 on the days you are off. (off your everyday life, gym, bed, shower or what you do)
Dance on Stage:
10 min. dance pr. hour on stage -ONLY TOPLESS.
Please find below our working terms and conditions.
Fix Salary:
DKK 500 ?EUR 67,00 per working day.
Working Tax:
Before all pay out your earnings are minus 10% working tax.
Payment, weekly, monthly depending upon their tax deduction.
Payment for accommodation DKK 130 ?EUR 18,00 per day.
(Will be deducted from payout).
Commission -Private Show:
Body Tequila (Tequila only for customer): DKK 100 ?EUR 13,00
2 songs private show: DKK 200,00 ?EUR 26,00
VIP dance: DKK 400,00 ?EUR 54,00 + % of the Champagne sold.
Commission -Champagne, caviar & snack:
Main club: 15 %
Caviar: 15%
V.I.P: 10% on Club (House) and Moet -15% on the rest of our Champagne.
Tips: Tips received shared 50/50 with the Club.
Club dollarnotes DKK 5,00/dollarnote?EUR 0,70/dollarnote.–receiving artist keep all.
Working Tax:Before all payouts your earnings are minus 10% working tax.
Dress Code:
Swimsuit, bikini, sexy and kinky lingerie, tops and miniskirts.
Only color full clothes. NO black, dark or nude color.
The owner sell shoes and stripper colorful clothes in the club.
• Minimum age 18 years,
• pleasant appearance,
• minimum of English,
• communicative, serious minded and ambitious.
Duration of contract:
Minimum of 14 days (2 working weeks) –longer periods preferred.
Only EU citizens


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