Location: South-Africa/Cape Town



Cape Town- South Africa 


Work is 5 nights per week- two day off per week – closed on a Sunday. Club opens at 7pm. The club closes at 4am.   Smoking is permitted only in smoking areas. 


The exclusive female only self-catering rooms are in located next to the club with secure entrances to both the club and accommodation 


Dancer must pay her own air travel.  When staying in our accommodation you will not need transport.  Taxis are cheap and easily available. 


The cost is dependent on what visa is most suitable.  When applying give details of your passport and we will advise.  We have experts to assist with all applications.
You will need (visa dependant)
•Valid Passport, minimum validity of 6 months.
• Recommend a bank account with minimum €600
• Money for visa application 


The dancers work as independent contractors, so money made from private lap, table dances and commission made from sales of Champagne is theirs. We do not pay salaries.
A dancer can make between ZAR 70 000.00 to R120 000 and more per month
Does the club use tickets?  Payment is in cash, each night. 


The girls have to pay a club fee of ZAR 4300.00 per week that includes the accommodation.
The club offer pole dance lessons and choreographer to assist the dancers with shows. 


• Minimum age 18 years,
• Pleasant appearance,
• Must have basic understanding of English 
•Communicative, serious minded and ambitious.


Commissions for the drinks:
Champagne sold in the club the dancer gets 20% commission only on French champagnes
The Champagne starts at R2350 cheapest and goes up to R22 000. 

Commissions for the dances:

Private dances are all full naked.

Table dance R300 for two songs

Private lap dance R250 for two songs

Private VIP Fantasy dance R800 for 15 minutes

Library private Fantasy dance R2000 for 30 minutes

How much does the average girl earn:
per night? +/- ZAR 5000,00         
Per week? +/- ZAR 30 000,00        
Per Month? +/- ZAR 120 000,00.    


All dancers must do a fantasy show once per week (training with Mavericks choreographer) as well as normal pole dancing.
Pole dancing is for two songs on three stages, topless for the second song.  This is not paid.


All dancers are asked to have beautiful costumes and they are assisted once here with the fantasy show outfit.
Bring elegant, classy, sparkly, colourful, fun & professional looking costumes & gowns; bring fantasy costume and sexy lingerie/dresses.


All Dancers will be asked to do promotions and marketing for the club. 


Please check the link above to see which nationalities need visa and which do not need VISA to enter in South Africa.

Countries exempt from South African visas


To apply please complete the for below