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How to Be an Exotic Dancer

How to Be an Exotic Dancer You are determined to become the exotic dancer of your dreams? These are the speps you’ll need to take in order to fulfill your dream: 1.Realise that this is a job, not a lifestyle. You must be motivated and driven as with any occupation. Take it seriously, it’s a job, […]

Work in Clubs Around the World – How to Get a Nightclub Job

One of the major ambitions for a young dance music fan is to go to the Europe and work in one of the very top clubs that are famous all around the world. Some of the most populat club locations   Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Iceland Of course there are many other clubs in Europe as well as many famous […]

Working as An Exotic Dancer – FAQS

In this short article we will try to discuss the frequently asked questions about working in a night club. Q: Which are the working hours? A: Each club has their own opening and closing hours. Usually they open around 22-23 and stay open until 3-5. The girls work five to six days a week and […]